Pink Neighbor is pleased to announce their debut album, Time Beach Universe. Recorded and mixed in Rock Island, IL with analog guru Patrick Stolley (original Daytrotter engineer), the 8-song album offers an array of psychedelic-pop hooks and cinematic soundscapes. Founding members Katie In and Erik Jarvis oversaw production of the album, with Iowa music veteran Patrick Tape Fleming producing three tracks as well. 

The album manages to encapsulate all the nuance, paradox, and fun that defines Pink Neighbor, while still leaving room for mystery and evolution. Throughout the songs they deliver swirling synths and organs, surfed-out guitars, and speckles of saxophone. But the thread that holds this sonic quilt together is Jarvis and In’s well-crafted and classic songwriting, which combines Brill Building-sophistication with Woodstock-eccentricity. Unexpected chord changes collide with radio-friendly refrains, all delivered with charming vocal harmonies. Indeed, these group singing arrangements serve not only to demonstrate their musicality, but also to invite you in -- as if to say, we’re all singing together, won’t you join us? 

Time Beach Universe may be Pink Neighbor’s debut album, but it exemplifies years of practice and patience honing their sound and vibe. In and Jarvis, along with Carlos Ferguson on bass and Phill Smith on drums, consider themselves not just artists but also students. Pink Neighbor presents a unique synthesis of sounds that can only come from hours-and-hours spent digging the digital crates, searching for their place in the global-historical music community. Time Beach Universe offers a collection of lovable treasures that’s sure to inspire deeper exploration. Welcome to the neighborhood!

1) Welcome
2) Words Are Never Enough
3) Nebula
4) Not Gonna Hide It
5) Green Light Nights
6) Ursula’s Fingers
7) Out on the Block
8) Meet Me Somewhere

Produced by Pink Neighbor
Tracks 2, 5, and 7 produced by Patrick Tape Fleming
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Stolley

Songs written by Kathryn S. In & Erik Jarvis
Track 6 written by Kathryn S. In, Erik Jarvis, and Carlos Ferguson

Katie In - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Erik Jarvis - guitars, keyboards, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Carlos Ferguson - bass, vocals
Phill Smith - drums, percussion, vocals
Matt Sivertsen - saxophones